Simple storage elements can make a room shine. A trim cabinet, a tidy row of shelves – it only takes a few details to add convenience and comfort to the bath. Let your DIY skills help you with this simple tasks and excellent storage solutions.

Picture from DIY Playbook

Masons Jars organiser: Attached to a salvage timber by pipe clamps, there is no easier way to de-clutter your countertop and make space for a beautiful vase with flowers. Click on the picture to see the step by step guide.

Picture by Shanty 2 Chic
Picture by Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case: What a splendid idea to have a full length mirror and storage at the same time. Instead of wasting a lot of wall space to hang a simple mirror, this DIYr create a whole storage unit behind the mirror without losing any floor space. They have the whole printable plans on their site if you are keen to do it yourself. Click the picture to go.

Picture by 7th House on the left

DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelving: If your bathroom lack space, but you have a empty wall behind your toilet, than you must make use of that space, installing some beautiful shelves that you can do it yourself, can balance a tiny toilet space with pretty accessories and storage solution.

This post has been updated on 6th Mar 2015

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