A house without a dedicated utility space is like a toolbox without compartments. Sure, you know where the nuts and bolts are; it’s just a lot harder to find them.

Picture by Homes & Gardens magazine

Simple solutions for storage needs would be rustic crates, that you can try to get it free from grocery store or buy it on eBay. On open shelves than can become very attractive and hold a lot of bit and bobs from a very busy area. Complement the rustic scheme with glass jars and bottle to store washing powder and other products.

Picture by Homes & Gardens magazine

Under stairs spaces are very trick to organise, but with a bit of carpentry and organisation you can house your utility area in an efficient way making most use of space and keeping everything behind door.

Picture by Ideal Home magazine photograph by Dominic Blackmore

For those fortunate and with a whole room to spare, plan the working area with shelves, countertop space, sink and cabinet to house everything from washing powder to iron boards and vacuum cleaners. Keep the colour scheme neutral and consistent to create a clean and organised look.

This post has been update on 6th Mar 2015

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