I arrived in Milan just a few weeks before the greatest design trade show in the world, and I unfortunally missed this great show of world design, but I didn’t miss the oportunity to search the tendencies and give my opnion about 2008 Design Trends.
Here the design is “a la vanguard”, starting from kitchens, where their modern/contemporary design with crisp lines, smoth finishing, mix of strong colours and natural tones, bianco & nero colour scheme, ultra modern appliances in stainless steel, create in us a desire to simple replan and buy another kitchen, even if you have a new one.
Moving to natural materials like wood, bamboo and fibres like straw, that emphasize the importance of green design in today’s homes; by the way, recycled carton is a great choice in green design furniture, like the modular bookcase “Bookstack 300” designed by the italian group A4A Design. Another good green choice is the room divider “Swell” designed by LN Boul per Vange, made of natural wood, extracted from protected forest.
Another tendency here are the exquisite forms and shapes in accessories and furnitures. Curves are the most used shape in the newest pieces of design; like the new lounge chair with stripped and curved wood framework by designer neozelandes David Turbridge. But also there are the tension and distortion in furniture that’s look like they passed for some kind of melting process; like the wood bookcase by Li Tianbing for Maison&Objet di Parigi and the table “Cinderella” in wood by Dutch designers Demakersvan e Jeroen Verhoeven.
The constructed pieces of furniture in cubes, squares and rectagles boxes pilled together is another tendendy; the best for me is the “Afrodite” designed by Tadao Hosino for Ligne Roset, a chest of drawers that allows you to create a great variety of effects and gives a sense of instability.
To close my list of favourite tendencies for this year, the beautifully and structurally upholtery pieces with capitonnè in white leather, as the favourite design colour unanimously, is the collection “Monseigneur” by Philippe Starck for Driade.
The tendencies are here, there, everywhere; lets give space for our taste, life style and necessity to guide us in our choices for a better life and home sweet home.
Il Salone del Mobili – from 16 to 21 April 2008 – Milano – Italy

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