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Where are the documents, the bills to be paid, the receipts? If you have everything in just one place, its easy to find what you are looking for, without wasting time. There is no need for ugly and big file cabinets, you can use normal furniture complemented with the right accessories to make your own filing system.

First suggestion: A armoire in a corner of the living room, or a small part of your closet with a couple of shelves to centralized all the house papers is the perfect spot to keep everything in hand and easy to find. To organize and separate the documents by argument: bank, contract, bills, receipts and others; you can use different types and sizes of boxes or mini chest of drawers. The ones that I like most are the “Kassett” line from Ikea in carton boxes and the mini chests in wood “Fira” and “Mackis” lines, also from Ikea, with label holder to indicate the contents for easy overview.

Second suggestion: In an open bookcase use magazine files in acrylic or wood, if you prefer carton buy the ones that are really strong for longer durability, and use a label in front to indicate the argument. If you need to separate the argument more specifically, like credit card statement if you have more than one, you can use coloured file folders with labels for each credit card. You can also use your imagination to make more stylish, applying stylized stickers with flowers or graphic motifs, or use modern word stickers to make it even easier to find the contents.

Third suggestion: A dresser with at least two different sizes of drawers. The small one, usually on top, you can use for receipts kept in small boxes; and also use these drawers to keep the most used documents and bills to be paid. The others drawers bellow you can use for bills already paid, contracts, insurance documents and others papers that need to be kept for a little longer for income purpose. Don’t forget to separate each argument in coloured folders identified with labels for easy access, you also can use the beautiful word stickers to identify each drawer.

Fourth suggestion: A chest storage with hinged lid can make a good hanging filing system. To make the hanging system you only need to buy those inexpensive metal file folder’s holder and put inside the chest. Usually the size of the chest is enough for 2 of these holders, you only have to make sure that the deep of the chest is enough for the height of the holder.

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