We’ve got this cabinet from a freecycler, who was going to skip it if nobody would come to collect. I saw a good project with great potential, so my husband and I came to collect without me paying much attention to the size and I thought would easily fit in our car even with our daughter on the back seat, but when we’ve got there we saw that was quite large and to bring home the back seat would have to be removed. So, my husband brought us back home and went back with my brother to collect the cabinet. It was very heavy and took 3 men to manage to fit it inside our Fiat Doblo and for my husband it was a waste of time and effort because in his mind nothing decent could come out of it.


It took me a week observing the cabinet and trying to figure it out what to do with it. First thing I decided was to remove the ugly top made of plywood and replace it with a ‘new’ top made of salvage pallet timber.


We used for the first time the kreg jig tool to put the wood together in a plank style, sanded down until we’ve got a smooth surface then we stained with ‘Ronseal Woodstain in Satin Walnut’ to give a dark rich finishing with a bit of sheen. My husband also fixed one of the back panels that was broken.


For the outside of the cabinet I’ve mixed 3 different colour of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, 10 parts of Paris Grey + 5 Parts of Graphite + 2 Parts of Old Violet to get the dark blueish grey that I wanted for the cabinet to give it an industrial cool look. The inside I’ve decided to leave it as it was, black paint.


The best part comes now which made all the difference and lifted up the cabinet to another level. The cabinet was really lifted up as I added four hairpin legs made of steel. The legs are 20cm high, just enough to lift the cabinet from the floor and bring some lightness to it. I also replace the handles for a cast iron ones that matched the legs and brought in a bit more of the industrial look to it.

I don’t know if this cabinet was custom handmade or manufactured by a company because its unbranded, but is well made, sturdy and solid wood. A piece of furniture with plenty of storage space that will last for many years to come. It was worth to save from the skip. It’s now available for sale at Remade in Britain. Thanks for reading.


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