Cable reels transformed into bookcase

Many people ask themselves or others, what is up-cycling? Is it the same as recycling? Is it refurbishment? or just a way to re-use something old?

“Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.” Wikipedia

Well, it is a lot more than all that together. Up-cycling is a way of life, it’s style and sustainability working together to transform broken, rejected and unwanted furniture and home accessories that would end up at landfills and give them a new lease of life while staying stylish and practical for modern life.

Up-cycling has became a popular trend for the new millennium, but to get that up-cycling ethics, we have to mix a lot of ingredients together (waste materials + imagination + creativity) to get to an original artefact with personality and practical value. Up-cycling is a eco-friendly design ethos that takes recycling to a whole new level. It’s not just about reusing salvage scrap, but about rejuvenating and transforming them into a new creation.

Practically anything can be created into up-cycled furniture and home accessories – it only takes a bit of imagination and creativity. An old door can be turned into a table top, pallets can be shelves, cable reels stacked to become a bookcase, PVC pipes to store children’s shoes and so on. Using reclaimed materials like scaffold board, pallets, pipework, household appliance and almost anything you can think of makes use of waste and avoid the use of non-renewable resources to make new items.

Up-cycling is not only great for the environment, but can also save you money without sacrificing style. With basic techniques you can up-cycle your own furniture and accessories rather than spending fortune with mass produced items.

PVC pipes to store children's shoes
PVC pipes to store children’s shoes
Tomato sauce jars up-cycled to store bits and bobs.

One thought on “What is Up-cycling?

  1. That definition has my name written all over it! I am a newbie blogger who is very much into upcycling and re purposing old things. Love your blog!

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