November 7-13 2015

Join UPDO-UK on a mission to clear the clutter, make life easier and help you get most out of your space.

The UK Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (apdo-uk) has helped thousands of people all over the country save time and money by sorting out their stuff.

On the second National Organising Week from November 7 to 13 there will be activities, events and tips to help anyone get organised and cut out the clutter.

The start of November is the best time of the year to help you get organised and clutter-free before the Holiday season – and to start the New Year with a new uncluttered life.

Organising and declutter is also a way to re-use, re-cycle and up-cycle stuffs we have collected over the years. You can sell, donate, give away or repair things that are in storage or in a corner with no use at all, making space for a organised and de-clutterd life.

See the press release bellow for more information about the National Organising Week and how you can improve your life and our planet. Have a happy decluttered life.


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