Today I will show you how to decorate with Lanterns and Candles to make your house inviting and warm for the festivity.

Lanterns & Candles are perfect not only to light up a corner of the room but also to bring some warm and festivity feel to it. Layout some different types of lanterns and candles to make it more interesting and create contrast with colour and texture.

There are lanterns made of wood, metal, glass or wicker, you can mix and match them for a country rustic feel, but for a more contemporary look, use polished metal or glass.

If you would like to recycle your old glass jars, you can turn them into lantern by only creating a handle with wire or rope, or simply wrapping ribbons, fabrics or other materials around the jars to make it more festive, then add a candle inside and light it up.

Combine candles and lanterns with foliage, pine cones, mini trees and other ornaments to create a very captivating spirit of the season.

You can also use LED light candles instead of real candles, which is safer in homes with kids. And don’t forget, never let open flamed candles unattended.

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