Copper is still very trend and beautiful. Metallic copper can bring that sparkle and glam to your space, specially for a bedroom or dressing room.

This Stag Minstrel low chest of drawers was the perfect piece of furniture to create that pale colour scheme of blush pink and grey with copper, that is trending up on Pinterest now.

This is a mid century furniture with beautiful strong modern lines with just the right amount of curves to bring some softness.

I’ve painted the frame in Annie Sloan ‘Paris Grey’ and the front drawers in a pale colour scheme of pink, grey, aqua and white.

Stag cooper knobs chest of drawers

The chest of drawers was dark and not very attractive. The drawers runners were broken and needed fixing, but the frame was very solid and perfect.


I’ve starting giving one coat of Paris Grey on the whole frame and let it dry. Meanwhile I’ve had to figure it out the pattern I would create with the pale colour scheme for the drawers front.

Doing some research on Pinterest, I’ve found out the triangle pattern would look good and very contemporary, but I knew would give me some work to achieve a great result. In order to paint it in a very straight and neat line I’ve used painters tape.

At this stage the paint job becomes a bit slower, because you have to wait for the paint to dry completely before you apply tape on top of the paint. Also, more then one coat was necessary for each colour. For the pink, grey and green I’ve applied two coats and for the white four coats.

When I finished painting the drawers, I’ve sprayed metallic copper paint on the knobs and handles. I’ve had to apply two coats to cover it well.

When the drawers dried then was time to create the lines in copper where each colour meet. From the beginning I’ve wanted to create this lines in copper to give it a bit of detail to the front and also to match the handles.

But at the end the lines ended up being very usual to hide the not so perfect paint job. Because even using the painters tape, the paint always leak a bit under the tape.

I’ve found  on Amazon this paint marker in copper and was perfect for the job.

With a metal ruler with cork underneath, so the ruler will not slide and will not touch the surface you are working on, so won’t smudge the paint, I was able to create perfect straight lines. This marker dries pretty fast, so you don’t need to wait too long to finish your piece.

Here you can also see close up of the lines and the knobs in copper paint. I think this was just the perfect amount of sparkle to make this chest of drawers very stylish and trend.


At this stage, before sealing the furniture, I was so excited to see how was going to look like with the handles, when I’ve started adding them I’ve noticed a big mistake I’ve made painting the triangles. On the middle drawer on the left side I’ve painted a set of triangles the wrong way, as you can see from the picture on the side. The second set of triangles from left to right (grey and white) were wrong. So I had to sanded it down and do it again. You can see the correct pattern bellow.


To finish the entire furniture I went for lacquer instead of wax, as I usually do when using Annie Sloan chalk paint. I’ve opted for the lacquer (from Annie Sloan as well) because of the hardwearing finishing and durability that gives to the paint. This lacquer also has a matte finishing, so no shining like a varnish, very appropriate for this modern furniture with a contemporary twist. The only shine here is from the copper. img_0060

Most of the paint I’ve already had and didn’t need to buy, but if you are going to buy all the materials, you can get one 120ml can of each colour (pink, green, white) which is £5.95 and for the grey 1L can £21.95. I’ve used Annie Sloan, but you can choose any brand that you prefer. The lacquer is clear matt, also from Annie Sloan and costs £21.95 for a 750ml can. The copper spray paint is from Rust-Oleum and is about £9 and the copper marker is Pebeo and about £3, both bought from Amazon.

A gorgeous set of retro drawers with a contemporary twist.

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