My husband on his way home one day, fetched this desk from the curb-side of someone’s home and brought it home with him. The desk wasn’t a beauty, but was solid wood and full of potential.

The top and the front drawers were very damage with deep scratches and dents. Sorry, I don’t have a close up picture of that. The first step was to fill all these dents and scratches with wood filler, then sand it down and repeat the process until I’ve got a smooth and even surface.

This piece of furniture I’ve decided to used Sherwim Williams because I wanted a durable finishing for the top with no maintenance required. When you use chalk paint with wax protection you usually needs to reapply the wax every 6 months. So for this particular project I wanted something that would not need to apply any protection in the future and also a surface that would be more resistant to scratches, that’s why I’ve chosen alkyd paint.

Because the paint colour that I’ve chosen was quite dark, I had to apply a primer first, but the primer is also required to make the paint more adherent to the surface, specially if the surface has a previous finish that is glossy, like lacquer. I’ve applied 1 coat of primer and 4 coats of paint. I was quite disappointed that I had to give 4 coats, I thought because the colour being quite dark 2 coats would be enough, but it wasn’t. But the result was quite amazing and I really liked. It was worth the effort.

I’ve left the shelves in the natural wood and added new metal cup handles (from Amazon Basics) to give an extra modern touch to the final look. I hope you liked the result as much as I did. Thanks for reading.

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