Turn your tiniest bedroom into a dressing room

Start your day in a dressing room that will inspire you through the rest of your day. Having a specific place in your home to dress up and get ready for the day it might be a luxury for many, but you don’t need a huge walking closet to achieve the same results.

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Mid-century Modern style, the Retro style

Today I will be talking about one of my favourite styles, the Mid-century Modern, but before jumping into all the details of how to design a room, let’s talk about its history. It’s very important to understand where, when and why the style surged.

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When is best to leave vintage furniture as it is?

I was looking into pictures of my previous up-cycled furniture and I started wondering, how do we know when it is best to leave vintage furniture as it is? Sometimes you paint a piece of furniture and at first, it looks great. But as days…

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Industrial Style, the environmentally friendly

Hello my friends, today I will be talking about the Industrial Style. The Industrial style today has become a trend and very sought after style because of the fuzz-free and no-nonsense decor and it’s also environmentally friendly because…

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The 7 Interior Design Style that are always on trend

I will be launching a series of Pre-styled mood boards showcasing 7 styles in Interior Design that has been on-trend in the last couple of years or more and will continue strong from 2020 and beyond. Farmhouse, Industrial, Boho chic, Mid-century Modern…

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